Hi! Webworm is me, David Farrier, worming my way into weird corners of the internet and beyond!

Nice to meet you, or meet you again if I’ve already met you somewhere else (irl? Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? In a dark alley?)

I’m a journalist and documentary maker who, like anyone, likes a good story. I tend to tell stranger stories, I suppose. I made a film about Competitive Endurance Tickling called Tickled in 2016, and a series for Netflix about dark tourism called Dark Tourist.

All highly imaginative titles, huh.

Before then I worked as a pop-culture reporter for a little TV show in New Zealand called Nightline, and wrote for music magazines like Rip It Up which is now RIP.

When I’m not working on documentaries, I like worming my way down weird rabbit holes which sometimes end up on The Spinoff, a website I really love. Over there I’ll write about how children are being exploited by perverts on YouTube, fake film festivals, and mysterious machinations at an antique store.

And while I research and make stuff — and just spend a lot of time examining odd things and interesting people — I come across things I’d like to share.

That’s what this newsletter is for.

Why subscribe?

The idea is my weird journeys and thoughts end up in your inbox. It’s simple, you won’t miss anything, and a few times a week you’ll be taken to some interesting places.

To be more specific, I’ll be:

  • Writing fresh stuff about things I’ve been worming my way into. They might subjects I’ve encountered in real life, or some internet rabbit hole that has taken my interest

  • Sharing things that I am loving at the moment, and why. Hopefully you’ll discover some new TV, films and music that you’ll dig

  • Resurrecting some of my old TV stories and writing, perhaps adding some context that the runtime wouldn’t allow. That time I fucked off Gene Simmons. Meeting Scary Terry in Hamilton who had a lot of pet possums

  • Going behind the scenes of things things I’ve written about or documented in the past

  • Doing some AMAs on this platform where we can share some stuff with each other

  • And just have a few LOLS, ya know?

Welcome to Webworm.


PS: Thanks to my big brother Rob of Flint Media for the disgusting worm version of myself you see in the logo